Corporate Social Responsibility

Community development is undertaken at every location where we operate. We recruit and train locals, empowering them with specialised skills and improving their employment potential. In addition, we improve the area's basic infrastructure by constructing wells, roads, improving drainage, providing water and electricity. We provide regular health check-ups and counselling, deploy ambulances to remote villages, and provide assistance in emergencies.

Jaihind strives to be a committed corporate social citizen and realizes that its responsibility extends far beyond its employees, shareholders, clients and nationality. As a project focussed organization operating across India and ambitions to operate beyond national borders, we take the responsibility of local community development seriously.

It is Jaihind's established practice to employ, recruit and train local personnel wherever possible to an extent, thereby imparting specialized and employable skills to local communities. Coupled with our Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality initiatives, we strive to improve the infrastructure and facilities available within the local communities whom we work with.