Success Stories

The selected shortest possible pipeline route for the Nagphani Hill Crossing was found to have many critical issues like:

1) Acute slope of upto 65%
2) Rocky terrain with many hanging stone-masses, and
3) Difficult and unapproachable alignment for laying a pipeline.

The route was fraught with risks, both for man & machinery. It was a major area of concern for GAIL, EIL and TJJC.

Today, we are proud to say through minute planning, dedication and devotion of our field force, who worked till late hours and selection of the right equipment, we have been successful in completing a near impossible task of crossing the Nagphani Hill. This involved multi-directional survey, grading the pathway, converting the acute slopes to safe levels, trenching in rocky strata, welding, joint coating, padding, lowering, back filling, slope protection followed by hydro testing. Of course, all this was achieved in close consultation and guidance of EIL & GAIL.

This challenging task was completed without any mishap or accident. Our Project Managers and Safety Officers closely monitored the work at site and ensured that all safety measures and regulations were followed all the time.